Embark on a captivating journey through time with a walk around the historical center of Athens. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and ancient wonders that have shaped this vibrant city. 

Here are a few highlights to explore:


Ascend to the majestic Acropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and marvel at the iconic Parthenon. Discover the ancient ruins, including the Temple of Athena Nike and the Erechtheion, while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of Athens.


Plaka Wander through the charming neighbourhood of Plaka, known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods.” Lose yourself in its narrow, picturesque streets lined with neoclassical mansions, quaint shops, and traditional tavernas. Indulge in Greek cuisine and soak up the cozy atmosphere.


Ancient Agora Step back in time as you explore the Ancient Agora, once the heart of Athens’ civic life. Walk among the ruins of temples, stoas, and the iconic Stoa of Attalos. This historical marketplace will transport you to the daily life of ancient Greeks.


Roman Agora Experience the blending of ancient cultures at the Roman Agora. Admire the intricate Tower of the Winds, an impressive timekeeping monument, and explore the remains of the marketplace and the Gate of Athena Archegetis.


Syntagma Square Discover the heart of modern Athens at Syntagma Square. Witness the ceremonial changing of the guards at the Parliament building and stroll through the beautiful National Gardens. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of the city.


Panathenaic Stadium Delve into the spirit of the Olympic Games at the Panathenaic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympics. Walk along the track that once hosted ancient athletic competitions and experience the thrill of the Olympic legacy.

Nightlife in Athens

Experience Athens at night, where ancient history meets modern energy. The city’s enchanting nightlife comes alive, offering something for everyone. Vibrant streets with lights, music, and laughter. Rooftop bars and hidden speakeasies cater to diverse tastes. Feel the pulsating rhythm of Greek music, join traditional dances. Indulge in Mediterranean flavors at world-class restaurants. Discover Athens’ thriving arts scene with captivating performances. Lose yourself in ancient Greek tragedies or contemporary dance. Explore lively neighborhoods like Psirri, Kolonaki, and Thisio. Bustling streets house bars, clubs, and live music venues. Immerse yourself in Athens’ electric energy, where history blends with modern allure. Unforgettable moments await in the vibrant nightlife. Choose our aparthotel for a gateway to Athens’ captivating nightlife. Our staff is ready to assist, ensuring a memorable experience..


Fear not – a refreshing salty dip is closer than you think. All around the coast of Attica are dozens upon dozens of beaches and swimming spots to cater to every taste, from organized, luxury options, to empty stretches of sand that will make you feel that the thrum of the city is a million miles away. there are plenty of mini-paradises to discover along each coast and all of the swimming spots around Athens have excellent water quality according to the latest annual report by the European Environmental Agency.


The ultimate luxury beach experience, Astir Beach is considered one of the top spots for a summer swim in Athens. Located in the chic southern suburb of Vouliagmeni, Astir offers a full range of high-quality services, from free WiFi across the beach, to the ability to pre-book one of the large and comfortable sun-loungers. And of course, a wide selection of coffees, ice creams, food and drink are all available.All of this of course comes at a price – Astir is one of the relatively few beaches with an entrance fee which is about 80 euros during the week and 160 euros on the weekends per pair of sun beds requested. But if what you are after is some pampering (as well as some fascinating people watching) then it’s worth the fee. Even despite the high price weekends can still get very busy so head there early to guarantee getting an umbrella (or prebook). The beach is open from 08:00-21:00, although you can visit the restaurant until midnight


Also located in the suburb of Vouliagmeni, Kavouri is actually a pine-tree covered peninsula studded with expensive villas. There are several sandy stretches where one can swim although the most popular is Megalo Kavouri towards the tip of the western coast which is organized with sun beds for rent as well as free areas. As on many beaches, here you will also find many people playing “raketes” or beach paddle ball (a national sport in Greece) in the open space behind the beach.

The beach is sandy and the water shallow for quite a distance and there are a number of places to buy refreshments. The beach is also relatively easy to get to via public transport: take the metro to Elliniko station and from there the 122 bus.


Not quite a beach but a rare geological formation located next to the sea. The waters of the lake are fed with saltwater via underground currents, through the mountain (although there is still some mystery about how this occurs). Near the sun-beds the water is quite shallow although at the opposite end they sink to unknown depths. In the lake the waters are often slightly warmer than in the sea, so it is particularly popular earlier in the season. Generally peaceful and quiet, it is a good option if you want easy access to plenty of amenities without the thump of a nearby beach-bar.

The facilities of the lake include the all-day bar, restaurant, changing rooms, showers and full wheelchair access. It is also worth staying for a drink in the evening when the rock walls are lit up and soft music floats out over the still waters.


One of the most popular spots to swim in Athens is located in the southern suburb of Voula. The sandy beach offers a range of services and has high-quality sun beds at reasonable prices. During the summer, beach parties are also often organized with performances by well-known Greek singers.

Entrance during weekdays is 6 euros per head and 7.20 euros over the weekend. The beach is also easily accessible via public transport: either take the metro to Elliniko station and then the 122 bus or take the tram to the terminal stop of Asklipio Voulas.


Known to most as Yabanaki, this is not just a beach but a beach park with a full suite of services and amusements, located in the southern suburb of Varkiza. Here you will find a range of options for coffee, refreshments, fast food or seafood meze and ouzo. A full range of water sports is also available from waterskiing and banana boats to stand-up paddleboarding and windsurfing lessons. In the afternoons a fully supervised play area with numerous large bouncy castles also operates for children.

During the weekdays the entrance fee is about 7,50 euros per head including an umbrella and sun loungers. On the weekends the entrance fee is 8,50 euros, but this does not include a sun bed. The price for a pair of sun beds with an umbrella is about 30 euros on a weekday and 60 euros on the weekend. To get there via public transport take the metro to the Elliniko station and then the 171 bus or the 122 bus.


The closest beach to the city center of Athens is Edem, a long sandy beach located near the boundary between the districts of Palio Faliro and Alimos. It is organized although as would be expected by its central location it also frequently gets busy. Aside from swimmers the area is also popular with people walking along the long seafront promenade that will take you to another two smaller beaches. Along the way you will also find a large chessboard built into the pavement where locals battle it out as they enjoy the warm weather and sea-breeze. From downtown the beach is easy to reach via tram (Edem stop).